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I found the poem
Hiding where
I did not look
Only you weren’t
There with it
Not even as
A single word
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This, too, is a poem
It's midnight in the garden
And no one's learned to weep,
But Eve is sitting all alone
And Adam's fast asleep.
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I'm dreaming of my destiny
Beneath the wide and empty sea,
Where there's a lock with many keys
And answers without mysteries.
The calm buoys so deep and slow
We are drowning in things we know,
Seeking light that won't cast shadows,
Clinging to truths I used to know.
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Found by Loghyr Found :iconloghyr:Loghyr 1 0
Capulet's Balcony
Laughter like raindrops
upon the balcony
where you pledge love
with reckless eyes.
All the tears in the heavens
will not penetrate stone.
What words can I say
my voice made mute by your song
I half wish men to come and dogs
baying at the moon for your blood.
The irony of the universe
tending towards maximums
that objects of unrequited love
would return it and risk the scorn
of friends and family.
There is no man safe to love.
Friar Laurence could not understand
the words I tried to say
left unsaid.
Not dead, merely sleeping.
Smile wreathed in tears
I stand and stare at the dying body -
what proof of there is souls
more than this: the last breath
and the fading light.
A rose  by any other name
cuts as deep in the end
is there freedom
where is it to be found?
Montague. Capulet. Woman. Man.
What's in a name? O, nothing.
O then let everything be nothing!
Better I join you here, my name unsullied.
Better I die now, lest my inconstant heart
Betray me to life when I should seek deat
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The Last Easter
People were crying in the streets,
mom's hand closing the blinds
slapping me light across the face
"I told you to keep it closed,"
she whispered; her eyes were like mine
when I saw the monster in the closet
I'd never seen mom afraid before
but it somehow made me strong
like chocolate makes me happy.
"Why is everyone sad, mommy?"
"They aren't ... sad," she said
and laughed, clown-like, not funny.
"They're hurting themselves!" I said
because I could hear the moaning
and screaming and all the loud shouting.
(Mom would have told us to be quiet,
sternly, by now; their moms must be
screaming to, or maybe not afraid)
"The Lord has returned," mom said,
and: "An actual Good Friday."
Her smile odd, crooked, sad. Funny.
"Mommy?" I said. I knew about Jesus
from Sunday School, and how he'd return,
but everyone sounded wonderfully afraid.
"We all hope He has rose-coloured glasses,"
mom said, nodding to the door outside.
"Your father says only the heathens will be spared."
"Where is daddy?" I said. "
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Test by Loghyr Test :iconloghyr:Loghyr 0 0
One Poem
"My god!" he said, and words
I did not know,
face stained with longing,
skin-toned skin blemished
with failed dreams
and we stood out by the ocean
looking for nothing, his tears
adding a few drops -- less
ripples than a pebble
and I said the worn stones must
believe in spite of evidence
they would not erode away
"The tide comes in. Always,"
he said, rough, almost harsh
(so much depends on almost)
I imagine, I said, the stones hope
it won't come tomorrow --
few things are certain
beside sunsets being beautiful
and we waited watching the tide
transform the beach, washing away,
and he almost smiled.
"Maybe tomorrow," to the tide,
the ocean, the stars, me,
and you.
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Words given to me by Robert
on the rain skidded rivults
slashed! a halt, skid, constant
hammering, and thrown
to have
hamering, some constant
of -
bluing with you
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Virtually Real
In our dreams so desolate
Of worlds that never were
Hungering for a skein of fate
We fumble out a prayer.
We have so much here to hold
That we cannot grasp it all
Shaking from deeper colds
We wonder -- then we fall.
For what but love ennobles
And what but fear degrades
Holding hope - thin bauble! -
A smile lingers, and fades.
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I'm singing all these things that I
can't wish away, with eyes
brimmed of laughter, and a head
half filled with tears.
And we step into the darkness
As if searching for a dream,
hand in hand we skip across
kicking stones to guide our way.
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Poem To A Sleeping Cat
You sleep here or there, on the couch or bed,
Wherever you wish to, lord of your home.
There is a strange peace in your quiet sleep
That comforts me and makes me want to smile,
Perhaps since you aren't digging into me
With your claws, demanding my attention.
Though your meow will get my attention
Just as quickly when I am on the bed
And you jump up there, just to startle me
I sometimes think, but of course its your home.
You don't pay any bills, mind you, just sleep
Like a cat does, with your secretive smile.
I know its there even when you do sleep;
That smug look: you can get my attention
And you know that you can cause me to smile
Just by the odd ways you sleep in my bed.
Even your greeting me into your home
-You know its yours - brings a smile out of me.
It's not yours, even though you can make me
End up barely on the bed when I sleep
Or stalk the guests as if it was your home
And demand they give you their attention,
Or lie sleeping so I can't make the bed
But sigh and awaken you w
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The Devil came to the wishing
The Devil came to the wishing well when the sun was long past noon.  He stared in it's depths and he thought about Hell and how close it was to Heaven. He thought about the afternoon and all the sin's he'd caused. and sinners shriven. "I'm tired," quoth he to the wishing well, "of being the Devil and always evil."
"Don't as me for help," burbled the well. "I can only do small wishes, you know. The kind anyone can do, if they really want them and aren't too slow."
"World peace is a simple one," the Devil said and he smiled cold and laughed low.
"It's been done," the well explained. "But no one noticed. It lasted for an hour."
"What a shame," The Devil sighed. "But peace knows nothing of true power. It always costs more than you'd think, but everything is the same that way. Sometimes I tell my shrink I'd like to repent; he says I'd Fall again anyway. He's read too much Milton and not evough Jesus, but I think he could be right. I started out trying to get even with the Name for
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The Oracle at Dachau
The room was not the black hole
of Calcutta, but small enough
for all of that.
Large showers roomy for the living,
filled with ghosts of the dead.
The oracle did not need herbs,
nor chants, nor ritual words.
To those who came clear-eyed
only a sad smiled as shared;
to those who asked, the seer spoke
-- gas as transcendental smoke --
one prediction. Death.
And a slow, mounting sadness at God
and man, who made the predictions
far too easy but still sent an oracle
for all of that.
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I was drowning in a dreaming
Of another place and time,
And wondering if people waved
As Atlantis sank beneath the waves:
Watching age corrode the gleaming
Of all their bright designs.
I was wondering if Atlantis had
Lifeboats only for a few,
Wondering if people were sad
Or glad they could make something new.
I fell down from the heights
To drown beneath the sun,
To wonder if the sundering sea
Had a special place for you or me.
And I'm wondering if the fallen lights
Always seemed to gleam so bright
And hoping darkly that their sight
Imprisons sailors 'til time is done.
Atlantis is dead and gone,
Sunk beneath the waves,
And I'm wondering if anyone
Wishes it was saved.
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True Love by Loghyr True Love :iconloghyr:Loghyr 1 4


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I found the poem
Hiding where
I did not look

Only you weren’t
There with it
Not even as
A single word


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